Lovers of Sound and Design, please come to La Boite Concept Pop Up at our showroom! Saturday NOVEMBER 3, 12-4PM

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LABOITECONCEPT Cube sound system

Saturday NOVEMBER 3, 12-4PM 

 Find out about this new generation of all-in-one, connected, high end speakers  that serve as functional and stylish multimedia desks or coffee tables.

Like our fabrics, they are made in the Basque country by  LA BOITE CONCEPT and  awaken our senses. .  Come and meet their North American distributors this Saturday, November 3rd, at the Maison-Basque showroom, between 12 & 4, 266 Jane St.

 La Boite concept combines its knowledge of traditional Hi-Fi with ergonomically designed all-in-one products that are tailored to the new sound technologies (wireless systems, smartphones, tablets, computers). Those extremely high quality, innovative and technologically advanced products are nonetheless simple and easy to use, but also designed for contemporary environments and ways of living. La Boite concept’s loudspeakers are also functional: multimedia desk or coffee table… They meet the requirements of connoisseurs but are still truly easy to use. 

 The brand’s products are not just high performance and innovative products developed by their own R&D laboratory, but also beautifully designed lifestyle objects, made to form part of their environment.

La Boite concept develops audio systems internally, but for some of their products they also call on the aid of well-known designers: Samuel Accoceberry, Olivier Dollé, Vincent Tordjman... It makes them true pieces of furniture and give them something unique.

 La Boite concept makes their products in Europe so they can have total control over the quality of each component that makes up the finished object. The headquarter and their Research and Development laboratory are in Ustaritz, in the Basque country (France). La Boite concept likes to make the most of the resources including wood working skills and local artisans and industries of the French and Spanish Basque country.

At Maison-Basque, we are  delighted to showcase their  'cube' model within our walls on a regular basis.  We 're happy  to welcome the North American distributor to answer all of our questions this upcoming Saturday November 3rd , 12-4, and you will be able to see more of the product line up. Pop in!



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