Fabric care



During the first wash cycle, the fabric naturally shrinks in width by approximately 3% and in length by 8% to 10%. Please take this into account for your tailor-made designs.

Before the first use:
We recommend a cold wash cycle without detergent, followed by a warm wash cycle with a small quantity of detergent.

Future machine washes:
Machine wash on cold, warm or hot ( up to  60°C or 140°F)  using detergents with no bleaching agents in order to maintain bright colors. Softeners should be used sparingly because they decrease the absorbency of the textiles.

To remove grease stains, dry-rub the stain with a bar of simple soap (Sunlight or other). For other stains, use a normal stain remover (excluding chlorine derivatives).
Do not leave wet laundry piled up for a long time and do not iron laundry that has not been properly washed.

Drapes should be dry-cleaned.



“Coated-finish” cotton has been given a treatment of two layers of acrylic coating applied on one side of the woven fabric to prevent liquids from penetrating. Always use coated side up.

After use, wipe clean with a wet cloth and a bit of dishwashing soap, then wipe rinse and wipe dry. Fabric does not require a machine wash.

If a machine wash is desired, factor in the shrinkage that will occur on the first wash by adding an additional 6% to 8% to your desired length. Coated cotton can withstand up to a 30°C (or 85°F)  warm machine wash cycle with no spinning and without softeners. To preserve its properties and easy-care benefits, machine wash twice a year at a maximum. If needed, use warm iron on the uncoated side only.


“TRANSAT” DECK CHAIR COTTON (thick canvas used for deck chairs and more)

This thick cotton “transat” canvas is made from eco-friendly dyes, thus colors fade naturally. In order to maintain the original colors of the canvas as long as possible, store away from direct light when not using, if possible.

Indeed, exposure to sunlight or moonlight will cause any fabric to fade. Consider our outdoor top-grade Sunbrella acrylic fabric as an alternative if no fading for a few years is desired (5-year warranty on our outdoor fabrics).

Machine wash “transat” deck chair canvas on cold or warm, if necessary. However, the fabric naturally shrinks in width by approximately 3% and in length by approximately 8% after the first wash cycle.


Resistant to fading and mildew, this top-grade outdoor fabric can be cared for in various ways.  Five-year warranty. For care and cleaning, visit www.sunbrella.com/cleaning


Same care instructions as cotton fabric.