Change is in the air: maison-basque showroom welcomes new retail partner!

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Maison Basque & Bistitchual


Change is in the air!

Maison-basque will soon share showroom space with local retailer Bistitchual!

Stripes welcome yarn!


Why is Maison-Basque sharing space?

Maison-basque recognizes evolving shopping habits! Virtual client interactions have increased while drop-in visits have lessened at our Toronto showroom since the pandemic. Clients get in touch by video chat, phone calls, emails, and website purchases throughout North America. Some of you visit after online research or talking with me, but others find it convenient to shop entirely from home, understandably.

Pop-ups have also proven to be an enjoyable way for many of you to shop in a time-effective way, and I love introducing maison-basque French stripes in different settings, offering readymade shoulder bags, table & kitchen linens, towels, folding deck chairs, and more. Pop-up conversations spur future custom home-decor projects in Basque stripes to be sewn by local makers, with coordination either virtual or at the showroom.

It makes good sense to reduce showroom space and time to align with client shopping preferences. A sleek ‘omnichannel’ maison-basque will preserve quality of service and value of our striped products.

Behind this new shared retail space arrangement also lies a personal roadmap. I will be calling Montreal home in the second half of this year while commuting to Toronto to work in-person on an appointment basis at the showroom and to take part in pop-up events. The city of Montreal has sprinkled its magic on me for many years, nurturing and seducing the French immigrant I am through its unique cocktail of French cosmopolitan vibes. Like many of you, the pandemic has enticed me to accelerate my plans for the future. Honouring our various dimensions makes us better contributors to our goals. Expect that Montreal’s influence will infuse more creative energy in maison-basque!

Why is Bistitchual a fun new partner?

The colourful aesthetics of Bistitchual’s quality yarn harmonize well with woven Basque stripes! 

Bistitchual is a yarn store dedicated to making Canadian and queer independent dyers and makers more accessible locally and to the world, through a combination of brick-and-mortar presence, workshops, and their webstore Bistitchual was looking for a new physical home in our west-end Toronto neighbourhood, and our minds and spirits synched on common appreciation for the world of fibres and colours.

We also both care about contributing to specific communities and celebrating the talents of artisans with our respective passions and interests. Our diversity as people will give us an opportunity to grow as individuals and entrepreneurs, enriching each other with various perspectives, different skill sets, and knowledge.

This partnership is a pragmatic strategy to serve our clients well, yarn on one side, stripes on the other, at our 266 Jane Street location! We invite you to embrace our new set-up when visiting us, as of March 14. Creativity may be at its best when challenged by limited means and space, so stay tuned for our vibrant shared showroom!  

Maison-basque was born out of self-expression, not a solid business plan, weaving important threads of my life from Southwest France and Canada into something fresh that would resonate with some of you in North America. I welcome your continued support for our French stripes, our local makers, and our joie de vivre. As my personal roadmap unfolds, rest assured that quality one-on-one interaction will remain key to this maison-basque madame, with website and social media communication alongside. Omnichannels are here to stay, and omni-life with its rich colourful stripes and yarn J is a worthy journey!

 A bientôt!



- maison-basque showroom hours are posted on our website every Monday morning for the week unfolding, indicating when I can brainstorm projects and interact in-person. In addition, clients can reach me virtually, by appointment or often by chance, for guidance other times.
- Bistitchual’s retail hours will offer extended opportunities to
purchase readymade and easy-custom products, or pick up orders from maison-basque.
- If keen to stay in the know and also where we pop up, follow our social media pages.


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