Honeycomb XL Bath Towel - Piment - Drap de Bain XL Nid d'Abeille

Beautiful 100% organic cotton towels, woven in a honeycomb pattern in France by Tissage de Luz. The design incorporates the classic Basque stripes and is available in a range of rich colours.

The high quality cotton is soft, light and absorbent and quick drying. Very versatile, they can be used in bathrooms, at the beach, at the cottage, by the pool. Light, easy to pack AND joyful. 

Our traditional method of weaving and dying combined with the quality of the cotton fibres ensures vibrancy of colour and longevity of the fabric over a lifetime of washing.

80x185cm / 31 1/2 x 73"
100% woven organic cotton
Made in Europe by French design house Tissage the Luz

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