Fabric cotton/linen 175cm/68"3/4 - Pierre Bleu (organic) - Tissus coton/lin

Our pricing is in units of centimeters, minimum order is 50cm
Reminder: 1 meter = 100cm &  1 yard = 92cm

THE # of centimeters (cm) you should enter in your ORDER quantity box:

Multiply the desired # of meters you wish to order by 100 & input your result in the quantity box

Multiply the desired # of yards  you wish to order by 92 & input your result in the quantity box

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The twill weave fabric of the Pierre Jacquard family delivers the richest and most intricate array of patterns and textures. A true treat to the eye and the touch and a favourite of textile aficionados. 

60% GOTS certified organic cotton and 40% linen, designed and woven in southwest France by Tissage de Luz, our stripes reflect joie de vivre and beauty of the local landscapes of the Basque region (ocean, mountains & lush countryside).

Use for indoor décor (table linen of course and think also curtains, bench cushions, throw pillows, slip covers, upholstery, and all sorts of creative home deco projects). A world where design, rich touch and longevity meet. Each thread is individually died before being woven as opposed to mainstream fabrics where colour is just printed on the fabric and therefore prone to fading after washing. Our traditional method of weaving and dying combined with the quality of the cotton and linen fibres ensures vibrancy of colour and longevity of the fabric over a lifetime of washing. In fact, Basque linen is nicknamed 'linge de grand-mère' or grand-mother linen, for its tradition of being passed down generations. 

Do take into account the shrinkage factor if this fabric or its finished product will be eventually washed. Best to wash before sewing (surge before washing!) especially when mixing and sewing with other materials that will have different shrinkage factors.

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