For Your Table


Basque linen in France has been known for decades as linge de grand-mère, i.e. grandmother’s linen!  Linen gets passed down from one generation to the next because of its enduring quality and the timeless nature of its stripes. Maison-Basque chose to work with esteemed design house Artiga because it is anchored in this tradition but also introduces bold contemporary collections twice a year to brighten our tables with elegance and joie de vivre.

Our cotton and cotton-linen woven fabrics perform superbly well and after multiple washes will gain a wonderful lush feel. Alternatively, when convenience matters in parallel to elegance, you can opt for a subtle "coated finish" for your linen that wipes clean with soap and water, no washing or ironing required. This is very popular in France! 


Our tablecloths are sewn locally, right here in Toronto, taking into account your specific table dimensions and desired overhang length (typically 8 to 10’’). When washing your table linen for the first time, shrinkage will take place and therefore needs to be factored in. We strongly encourage you to read our fabric care instructions before a final size decision is made. If desired, we will help you of course to calculate the right size. Below you will find a standard selection of tablecloths for 4, 6, 8, or 10 guests, to give you an idea of budget. You can choose from multiple fabrics featured under our yardage page and on site at our showroom. All sorts of table widths can be accommodated thanks to our talented sewing team by contacting us. In addition to tablecloths, consider table runners, placemats, and napkins and select the combination that works best for your dining environment, inside or outside.

Runners are wonderfully versatile to mark a special gathering at the table, by the kitchen island, around the coffee table for meals, aperitif, and tea time, or for a picnic, with a splash of colours. Alternatively, do it differently and set the runner(s) across the table for 2 guests to eat tête-à-tête (and add placemats at both ends of the table).