Fade resistant and mildew resistant outdoor fabric designed and woven by Artiga in France

Outdoor fabric 140cm/ 55" - Bermudes - Tissus Outdoor

Our pricing is in units of centimeters, a  minimum order is 50cm
Reminder: 1 meter = 100cm & 1 yard = 92cm

THE # of centimeters (cm) you should enter in your ORDER quantity box:

Multiply the desired # of meters you wish to order by 100 & input  your result in the quantity box

Multiply the desired # of yards  you wish to order by 92 & input  your result in the quantity box

LOST???? Contact us info@maison-basque.com or 416-760-9849

Our outdoor fabric is perfect for continued exposure to sun and rain as it is fade-and-mildew-resistant with a 5 year warranty. It is designed by Artiga and  woven in Europe with its distinctive  colourful striped pattern.  

Can be used for all sorts of home décor applications where sun and humidity and rain are a factor: cushions, throw pillows, outdoor curtains, canvas for deck chairs, etc... and why not a tent for glamping?

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