RAISE $ for the CANADIAN Cancer Society with espadrille 6'' wide fabrics for sewing projects and to make face masks – End-of-collection 20% off- 100% cotton fabric - 20% of $sales will be donated by maison-basque during COVID crisis

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RAISE money for cancer research by sewing out of our end-of-collection espadrille fabric! during the COVID Crisis! The espadrille fabric is perfectly sized (6’’ and already hemmed on two sides) to quickly sew face masks for personal use  with limited time spent on hemming ( FYI: We sew our own facemasks out of 48cm=19'' sections to make a double sided mask  to accomodate for 15% shrinkage after 1st wash) .  If sewing is not your thing, look for our facemasks  on line,  sewn righ here in Toronto by our makers. We will donate 20% of these  end of collection fabric sales to the Canadian Cancer Society, after already discounting 20% for you (i.e. we part with older fabric at cost). Just another way to all be in this together and let our little light shine.

Let's cheer for  cancer patients & researchers during this COVID crisis, especially as emotional support is even more important as many people are waiting for treatments. Normal fund raising campaigns are not happening right now so let's do it through fabrics!


For special size requests and sample orders please fill in our custom request form.

100% cotton, designed and woven in southwest France by Artiga, our stripes reflect joie de vivre and beauty of the local landscapes (ocean, mountains & lush countryside).

This espadrille fabric has been woven on small looms with a narrow width to service the espadrille market, a traditional Basque shoe from Southwest France and Northern Spain.

Artiga original designs elevate the look of espadrilles to something fun and trendy. Creative spirits will find lots of uses as trims for all sorts of home décor projects such as curtains, cushions, beddings, area rugs, lamp shades, pouches, etc. Could also be a fun curtain tie. Have fun with it! We also offer ready made pouches made with this fabric.

Best to wash before sewing especially when mixing and sewing with other materials that will have different shrinkage factors.  Espadrille fabric has a high shrinkage factor 15% in the length after 1st wash. Please visit our fabric care page for more information on shrinkage.

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