Folding DECK CHAIR w/ wooden frame ( order fabric separately) - Structure bois de CHAISE TRANSAT pliable - (tissus á commander séparément)

NOTE: The availability of those deck chairs is challenging this year and we will be getting more in as the season progresses. Kindly reach out for an ETA. Thank you!



  • Light, versatile, and fun
  • Easy to store
  • Matching stool/side-table available
  • For orders of 2 or more, please contact us to secure your 10% volume discount and reduced shipping costs

We call these folding deckchairs TRANSAT chair (short for Transatlantic) to honour its cruise ship roots, although they are also great for use in gardens, beaches, balconies, and all kinds of casual living spaces, like a kids room or student dorm.

Made of beech hardwood, our Transat chairs are light and easy to move around and convenient to store. The canvas is mounted on 2 dowels which makes it easy to flip or replace when desired; replacement canvas is available through maison-basque if looking for a new look for your existing frame.

Order your canvas separately in either; Transat 100% Cotton or Outdoor Fabric

(Check Fabric guide for more information)

Dimensions (open): 96 x 56 x 95cm
Weight: 4.2kg
Maximum load: 160kg

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