END OF COLLECTION Yardage – 63"/160cm wide - 100% cotton - coton - Tissus à la coupe en 160cm

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Sold by the yard (minimum order is 1yd). For special size requests and sample orders please fill in our custom request form.

100% cotton, designed and woven in southwest France by Artiga, our stripes reflect joie de vivre and beauty of the local landscapes (ocean, mountains & lush countryside).

Use for indoor décor (think curtains, throw pillows, slip covers, upholstery, table linen and all sorts of creative home deco projects) where a rich touch and longevity are valued after multiple washes.

Note that the weaving technique and style can vary. For instance, some fabrics have a herring bone weave for a different texture, our Garlin line blends three different weaving techniques that explains the higher cost per yard. Do take into account the shrinkage factor if this fabric or its finished product will be eventually washed. Best to wash before sewing especially when mixing and sewing with other materials that will have different shrinkage factors.

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