Custom Decor

Maison-Basque is a house of talents. We honor the creative spirit and ancestral weaving know-how from Southwest France along with the quality work of our local makers in Canada. We have selected our seamstresses and upholsters with great care. Inspired by the authenticity of our artisan stripes, we aim to embrace the Canadian way of living, whether in the city, in the countryside or at the cottage, both inside and outside. Our custom projects will give new life to your existing space and furnishings while ensuring they are meaningful to you.

Multiple panels of curtains let nature shine through during the day in a playful fashion while providing privacy or darkness when needed. This Artiga Hontanx pattern in 100% cotton is coordinated with our new line of duvet covers in linen-cotton mix for a fresh look. A matching tray inside adds a nice touch.

Inside or Outside! Choose between our striped natural fibers (cotton and cotton-linen), or our coated fabric designed for high traffic areas such as kitchens (you can wipe off the spills with a simple cloth) or opt for our outdoor fabric (Artiga design in top grade synthetic fibers and woven by Sunbrella France)

A multitude of patterns offers a range of quiet and uniquely strong options for both city and cottage living

TABLE LINEN cut for YOUR table
In addition to making tablecloths, runners and placemats for standard shape tables, we tackle all sorts of specific table linen requirements: for extra wide or long tables, large round ones, accommodating umbrella etc... Choose between the natural touch of the cotton or cotton linen or the convenience of that same fabric in its subtle acrylic coated finish. Minimise maintenance to a simple wipe and enjoy the warm decor touch without the work of washing and ironing.


In various sizes, cotton and linen for inside or in our top grade outdoor fabric, designed by Artiga and woven in top grade Sunbrella, in France.


in need of a fresh look and a new life... Take a closer look at that well-built and old piece of furniture of yours that does not do much for your current decor or page of life. May be it just needs a new look in contemporary stripes in the good hands of our upholsterer to really belong and enhance your space.

Good slipcovers require the work of an excellent specialist and it took us a while to find one we are very happy to work with, as we truly want to make your furniture look as if upholstered. No shortcuts! Our woven fabrics were originally used as table linen and therefore they will age well after multiple washes. Ideal match between ancestral weaving traditions and our current way of life where convenience and style are key.

Here we used the thick cotton fabric used in our deck chairs to sew a bed skirt  for this day bed. Because of its weight, the skirt has presence. Consider coordinating the bed skirt with curtains or throw pillows in the room. Artiga cotton linen bed throw is featured in this photo along with an extra-wide throw pillow.


For director chairs or Euro deck chairs you might own. Have fun with mix and match options!  We do not sell new director chairs but will outfit your old ones; we can help you with Euro deck chairs in all sorts of frame colours if you need new frames along with the fabrics.

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